Audio Production and Music Composition and Film Scoring

Our experience working with audio began even before we started our company in the early 1990s and especially during the advent of non-linear editing. An important complement to our video production services, we have produced audio for live events, radio advertising, music CDs, conference recordings and have mastered and archived over a thousand hours of lecture recordings.

Having a clear audio signal in production can far too often fall second to great cinematography. Proper attention to audio quality often fosters successful efforts to remarketing multimedia.

From live events to private lectures Syndicate Pictures is prepared to deploy the equipment and personnel necessary to capture and repurpose audio recording with digital clarity.

Audio recording competencies include:

  • archival mastering
  • audio correction and cleanup
  • lecture and conference-wide recordings
  • on-location audio mixing
  • theater and stage production
  • studio voiceover recordings
  • multitrack music production
  • custom written music
  • mastering

Other related services include:

  • writing
  • talent search
  • distribution
  • radio ads
  • production artwork
  • audio editing
  • video integration editing
  • animation integration editing

A Few Happy Clients

The team at Syndicate has done a great job planning and producing video programs for us since 2010. I am very happy with their service and their professionalism.

Jennifer Roback Morse, President
The Ruth Institute

We hired Syndicate to shoot, edit and produce TV spots for ballot initiative campaigns we ran in four states during an election year cycle. Their top-notch video crew traveled coast-to-coast from Maine to Washington and Vermont to Minnesota and delivered a high-quality product on a tight schedule and within budget.

Frank Schubert, President
Mission Public Affairs

Syndicate works to capture the spirit and essence of each project. Their unmatched creativity, imagination, and quality is born out of a desire to understand the client and their mission -- a dying characteristic in a greedy and non-customer focused world. Syndicate is a remnant of a time when companies cared about their clients success.

Chad Kifer, Director
General Reel
Animation Reel
Drone Reel
Food Reel