Businesses are facing another digital revolution fueled by mobile devices and powerful Web 2.0 technologies, and trends show that video is increasingly becoming peoples’ preferred method of engagement. This means that the best methodologies to reach customers are changing.

Through video, we help find new ways to reach your target audience by profiling their interests and tracking their viewing habits. Once we understand key preferences and top influencers for them, we develop a plan for effective video messaging in a way that motivates and inspires action.

We offer strategic consulting on:

  • • Research Viewership Patterns
  • • Technology and Channels Evaluation
  • • Strategic Insights Planning
  • • Team/Vendor/Partner Building
  • • Launch Overview and Execution
  • • Video Consumption Auditing Review
  • • Metrics and Data Analysis
  • • Campaign Adjustments Based on Polls/Surveys/Usage Feedback
  • • Key Talent and Celebrity Casting
  • • Storyline and/or Script Content Development / Outlining
  • • Promotional Program Development
  • • User-generated Video Content and Contest Programs
  • • PR/Ad Agency Video Strategic Partnerships