Why Us?

Here, we innovate for your future.

Syndicate Pictures’ President and CEO (www.matthewhaas.com) has over 20 years of experience in the film and video industry.  He also founded and runs Syndicated Technologies (www.syndtech.com), a software intelligence company that designs and develops analytics-based solutions using proprietary metrics and tracking tools.  Through his leadership, we created systems and refined methodologies that enhance communications plans and get better results.

Today, video production is as much about technology as it is content, subject matter and demographics.  It needs to simultaneously engage audiences, attract subscribers, measure viewer activity and integrate consumer insights. Companies must also find new outlets, test new channels, profile customer patterns, predict outcomes and mitigate risk.

At Syndicate Pictures, we’re constantly on the lookout for emerging networks and video technologies that increase sales by optimizing operational efficiencies that make and save you money.