How We Work

Here, we focus on your big picture.

We are not just a production company.  We are film and video strategic consultants, and for more than 18 years we’ve worked with ┬áprominent names in film and industry, including Disney Motion Pictures, Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” film, MTV Networks, Delta Airlines, Johnson and Johnson, and Harley Davidson.

We believe video greatly influences consumers’ behavior, and ultimately their buying decisions, like no other medium.  It reaches people on a personal level and immediately grabs their attention because it uses both sight and sound. We advise companies on how to use video strategically and help them to better achieve their goals and objectives.  Video production and distribution options continue to change and expand, providing new and innovative ways to target audiences and measure results than ever before imagined.

We make sure our clients can take advantage of technological advances in order to increase sales and fully maximize marketing and advertising campaigns. At Syndicate Pictures, we are energized by the exciting possibilities for those wanting to lead in the marketplace.

We help our clients plan and execute effective, long-term video and digital media strategies robust enough to adapt to changing economic conditions, and flexible enough to take advantage of potential growth opportunities.